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The first season of The Other Side is the first in the series of a spin-off show to 'The Vampire Diaries'. It is based on 'The Other Side', which is a world where the dead supernatural creatures go when they die. The season focuses on the vampires which died in The Vampire Diaries series.

Season Summary


  • Chapter I:
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are to be revealled.
  • Chapter II:
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are to be revealled.
  • Chapter III:
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are to be revealled. 


Note - The characters get upgraded to regulars once they have appeared in more than five epsiodes. They get upgraded to recurring if they appear in three episodes. Any less than that, they are a guest character.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


Title Writer Airdate #
Vicki (Episode) FemaleFashion October 24,2013 #1x01
Lexi (Episode) FemaleFashion October 31,2013 #1x02
Logan (Episode) FemaleFashion November 7,2013 #1x03
Noah (Episode) FemaleFashion November 14,2013 #1x04
Ben (Episode) FemaleFashion November 21,2013 #1x05
Bethanne (Episode) FemaleFashion November 28,2013 #1x06
Frederick (Episode) FemaleFashion December 5,2013 #1x07
Henry (Episode) FemaleFashion December 12,2013 #1x08
Harper and Pearl (Episode) FemaleFashion December 19,2013 #1x09
Anna (Episode) FemaleFashion December 19,2013 #1x10
Trevor (Episode) FemaleFashion January 9,2014 #1x11
Slater (Episode) FemaleFashion January 16,2014 #1x12
Cody (Episode) FemaleFashion January 23,2014 #1x13
Rose (Episode) FemaleFashion January 30,2014 #1x14

Isobel (Episode)

FemaleFashion February 6,2014 #1x15
Mikael (Episode) FemaleFashion February 13,2014 #1x16
Bill (Episode) FemaleFashion February 20,2014 #1x17
Finn (Episode) FemaleFashion February 27,2014 #1x18
Sage and Troy (Episode) FemaleFashion March 6.2014 #1x19
Mary (Episode) FemaleFashion March 13,2014 #1x20
Alaric (Episode) FemaleFashion March 20,2014 #1x21
Kol (Episode) FemaleFashion March 27,2014 #1x22
Will (Episode) FemaleFashion April 3,2014 #1x23
Forever Alone FemaleFashion April 10,2013 #1x24



  • It was confirmed by the producer that Elena,Damon and Stefan will appear.
  • The first three seasons (confirmed so far) will recap all the deaths of the supernatural characters. When all the episodes for each character are finished, it will then go into what they are doing now. The last episode of Season 1 will feature most of the characters that have appeared so far on The Other Side, and what the yare doing now.

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